How Medical Weight Loss Works

Physician Assisted

Dr. Christel Backert offers individual diet plans that may include FDA-approved appetite suppressants that will help with appetite control and cravings.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

The success of our patients has been from the ability to access a medical doctor that understands an individual’s body and its needs vs a diet coach that has certification from taking a 2-hour online course. Dr. Backert is more interested in helping you change your body than selling you diet foods that are not actually going to help you lose weight.

Individualized Weight-loss Program

Christel Backert does not believe in the “one-size-fits-all” model of weight loss. Each person has different needs because everyone has a different medical history, lifestyle, and body goals. She guides each person in a way that meets your individual needs.

Long-term Success

We all know that losing weight is not easy. However, with the help of medical weight loss solutions, you can finally say good riddance to the “YO YO” diets and fads that other weight loss methods have helped you shed a few pounds, only to see them return sooner than later. Our medical weight loss program is scientifically proven to be a long-term solution for losing weight.

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What Can You Expect at MEDY Weight Loss Program

Christel Backert carefully assesses your family and medical history to see if the weight loss program is the right thing for you to do. We will also discuss your goals and the challenges you have had in the past.

Real expectations will be discussed after you begin our program. Although results may vary from person to person, as with any medical treatment, your weight loss program will help you to not just lose weight, but begin to enjoy the new energy levels throughout your day. We are here to support you on your journey.

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